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Data recovery is a crucial thing that should be done right after a computer suffers problems on its hard drive like crashing. It is something that most computer users resort to whenever data is lost after virus infection or any other disaster that a computer has gone through. In situations like the ones mentioned. Proper care and handling is a must to make sure that the lost files can still be recovered and the whole process shouldn’t be done by anyone who doesn’t have enough knowledge and expertise. Experts are the only ones who should do the recovery job.

The Don’ts

When data loss strikes your computer here are some things that you shouldn’t do:

  • Never try to do data recovery yourself if you don’t know what exactly has to be done. Taking action over the situation might just do more harm than good.
  • Don’t leave your computer turned on after it hanged. Power it down using the on/off button to close all running instances that may further corrupt and render files inaccessible.
  • Never open the hard drive. It has small components and a very sensitive disk that needs enough expertise of an experienced technician.
  • Avoid exposing the hard drive to extremely dry places. Hard drives are vulnerable to static electricity which is abundant in dry dusty places.
  • Don’t open your computer in the event that it stops working to avoid other damages on internal components which may add to replacement and repair costs.
  • Don’t ignore unusual sounds like jittering and humming. It is usually a symptom that something inside your hard drive is scratching against each other.

The Do’s

Doing the following steps will help preserve data on your damaged hard drive:

  • Take the initiative to call an expert at the first sign of physical damage on your computer’s hard drives. Symptoms of physical damage include unusual sounds like humming and jittering when a computer is turned on.
  • Unplug your computer. If it has hanged, turn it off by pressing the power button for 5-7 minutes.
  • Prepare a short but concise and clear explanation of what happened before your computer went into trouble. Technicians would usually ask you what happened and would need a clear explanation to properly address the problem.
  • Attempt to recover any critical data before your computer becomes completely dysfunctional.
  • Go over your phone directory and search for a data recovery firm to assist you with the problem.
  • If the company you contacted requires you to ship your machine to them then don’t forget to have the power adapter shipped too. Your computer won’t be powered up and tested without the power adapter.
  • Above all, handle your hard drive with care if you removed it yourself. Hard drives are fragile. After removing it, take it to an expert right away.

Handling and repairs on your hard drive is a complicated task that should only be done by experts having the right knowledge on what should be done. Data recovery is itself also a job that needs enough expertise to be successfully executed. Never try it by yourself to avoid permanent data loss. Let the experts do it!

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Computers are most vulnerable to losing data especially in today’s virus laden computing environment. Losing all your files is definitely a nightmare to most if not all computer users who experienced it once. Causes of losing data may vary depending on the extent of protection and maintenance you employ to your machine’s system and hardware. About 42% of data loss cases are attributed to physical damage on hard drives as a result of a virus infection or simply lack of proper maintenance. What should you do when your computer suffers from a major damage that can threaten the files saved in its hard drive? The following is a list of what to do and where to go to recover your data.

Step 1: Purchase a Better Hard Drive

Any stuff that’s old and used becomes slower and more vulnerable to factors that affect performance. Hard drives, no matter how tough they are built are still bound to slow down and stop working at some point in time. When your hard drive crashes and your computer refuse to boot up properly, turning it on and off many times may just do more harm than good. What you need to do is to purchase a new hard drive and take your machine to an expert for them to recover your files and save it to the new drive. Though you still want the old one, you should remember this time that the disadvantages are heavier than the advantages that you can think of. Using the new drive is better than suffering loss again with the old one.

Step 2: Create Backup Partitions and Slave drive

After having the new drive installed, the next thing you should do is to create partition where you can save important files so it won’t be corrupted if your system fails again. If your old hard drive is still functional than you can also make backup files to it which now becomes a slave drive or secondary drive.

Step 3: Take It to an Expert

After having everything set up. You can now try recovering the data from your slave drive using data recovery software. If your attempt fails or you don’t have an idea on how to do it then we would recommend that you take your computer to a data recovery expert available in your area to have all critical files recovered with a relatively inexpensive service fee.

Always Remember!

Data recovery would be easier if you follow the steps detailed above. Once data loss strikes your machine, it will always be best to unplug power sources and wait until your computer shuts down. Never attempt to remove hard drive yourself if you’re not confident of your knowledge and abilities. Doing it yourself would only work if you know quite well about computers but if you’re not then it will only do more harm than good. Taking it to an expert is always the best thing to do. Damaged hard drives aren’t useless at all. Proper handling will still render your files in it available for recovery.

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Metro Computer Support will be showing kids what is inside a computer at Celebrate Gaithersburg, September 16th, 2012.

We invite parents to bring their kids to our booth (located by Growler’s) for an exciting and fun learning opportunity about computers and technology.

Parents will also have an opportunity to learn about Online Security and how to protect their kids on the internet. Free material will be available and Q&A with Martin Posse regarding risks and protection tools.

To know more about Metro Computer Support, please visit us on the web at

To learn more about Celebrate Gaithersburg, please visit the City of Gaithersburg website at

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