Offsite backup storage is one way of securing data without the high cost compared to the traditional solution making use of tape backups. The use of tape backup has been effective in the earlier days of computing and data recovery but this method has a host of draw backs including large amount of investment, regular maintenance and the need of organizing a team to maintain and operate it with consistently.

This can be a hassle especially for big companies with large amounts of information that needs backup. This is where offsite backup enters the scene. Having files backed up in an offsite location by a reputable third party is an effective and modern approach to this essential process.

The Benefits

Some advantages of using an offsite backup include:

  • Lesser   Cost

Say goodbye to any outlay on your capital. Offsite backup only requires you to pay a monthly fee on a fixed basis. Fees for the setting it up, operating, maintaining and storage are not needed.

  • Efficient and Effective

Just a few minutes and the installation is done. Offsite backup is easy to use even for a staff that doesn’t have much technical know-how. There’s no need of wasting time looking for the exact tape and waiting for a person to restore data.

  • Reliable

The offsite approach in setting up a backup allows hassle-free and a highly comprehensive protection with its scheduled daily backup. You can choose to have the amount of backup space that you need. Passwords and encryption is provided for high level security of important files plus, your data can also be recovered in an instant. Offsite backup also lessens down-time which reduces wasted productivity. Most allow for web access to files which is useful during business travels or while you are at home. It can also work on PCs individually or in any laptop while stored in file servers and shared by everyone within your business on a secure network technology.

  • Forget about Data Loss During Disasters

Since all the backed up files are stored in a third party location away from your business vicinity, everything is protected against loss. You never have to worry about losing precious files during fire and other natural disasters like earthquakes.

The Process

Once the installation is done then everything follows smoothly. The installed software allows you to choose which files are to be backed up. It also allows you to have a scheduled backup. The software also manages internet connection and encrypts files to 12b-bit before compression. A single click activates backup process. Secure sockets also ensure that all your files are in safety.

A Few Limitations

Offsite Backup is used by almost all industries and businesses including those that are involved in education, medicine and research field but there’s also a drawback with it. An Offsite backup requires connection to the internet over a dial-up connection for small volume of data or a broadband connection for massive amounts of information. Backing up the first time also takes longer but the daily backup process requires lesser time.

With today’s rising instances of unexpected disasters it will be wise to set up this type of backup process. Find an expert and have an offsite backup for your business now!