Viruses have been hard at work ever since the Internet was opened to the public. Corrupted files damaged hard drives and useless programs all come as a result of a virus infection. The Internet has become a very effective way of transmitting these harmful programs which results to an exponential rate of infection all around the world affecting millions of users. With these things in mind, purchasing and installing antivirus to your computer could come as a first thought and would be the best decision you would ever make.

Viruses at Present

Trojans, worms and other forms of malware and spyware can prove to have devastating effects to most computers at present. These malicious and harmful programs commonly stay on the watch for any security breach on your machine while you are connected to the Internet and exploit any instance once it finds one. Stronger forms of viruses can even render your system useless and have all your files inaccessible and unrecoverable. Identity theft using spyware is also a trend at present affecting thousands of computer users around the world who make the mistake of saving financial information on unprotected and unsecure locations on computers.

What Antivirus Software Can Offer

  • Real Time Protection Against Viruses

Scanning file signature is done by most antivirus software to detect malware and other viruses. Relatively good antivirus software has about 20,000 to 60,000 virus definitions on its database which is used to compare incoming files with definitions on the database to distinguish viruses easily and put it to quarantine at once. Most computers slow down a little bit when antivirus scans some files due to the massive database contents it has but it has to happen to protect your computer against harm real-time!

  • Virus Protection On-Demand

On demand virus protection means that it is initiated by the user. This happens when a computer user executes a virus scan on a folder, file or a program before storing or installing it to the machine. This is a very effective way of protecting computers against viruses which are transmitted offline over storage media like USBs and other forms of file transfer not utilizing the Internet.

  • Additional Protection

Most antivirus software also contains additional components like spyware shield, email scanner, firewall and even game mode enhancements that can further enhance protection against all forms of viruses and malicious programs from any source.



Other Useful Components

Other versions of antivirus also have anti-spam, anti-spyware and link as well as email scanner. There’s even an identity protection on other brands that helps ensure 100% protection against any cyber-crimes and hackers that seeks to gain access to your critical files or simply destroy your computer.

Viruses are evolving at a fast pace at present. Protecting your computer is a big thing that should be considered to further counteract the destructive effects brought by these computer devils. Protect yourself and any investment that you have against theft and loss by installing quality virus protection software. Don’t take second thoughts. Do it today!