Computer owners at present find it hard thinking of ways and means to backup critical data and software that they need. Data loss is indeed a nightmare and it’s crucial to ask the question on how data backup can be done to avoid being crippled out of a data loss.

Data backup can be done in hundreds of different ways each having advantages but some are way better than others. The items below are some of the safest but less expensive ways of backing up your data.

  1. 1.       CDs and DVDs

It’s quite obvious at present that most computers have DVD-ROM which can be a great help in writing backup data on CD-Rs and DVD-Rs which are relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of storage media. This method proves to be an effective way if proper care and regular consistency check is done. Be careful not to catch errors, checking stored files occasionally helps secure a working backup just in case your computer bugs down. CDs and DVDs are generally prescribed as secondary backup storage but will serve as a swift solution for urgent file backup.

  1. 2.          Offsite Backup Storage Over  the Internet

Web Based backup providers offer services on a small monthly fee which can start at about ten bucks every month. Using this method is quite impressive since your data is kept safe by encryption. When natural disasters strike, your backup data remains safe in the provider’s server and access to it is done with a simple click. The problem is when the fee jacks up in time. Online backup is a choice only if you want to keep some critical files on a safe and easy to access location far from any disaster or other factors that may trigger its loss.

  1. 3.       USBs, Flashdrives and Thumb Drives

These backup and storage media are great if you have a small amount of data and critical files that needs a backup. Modern thumb drives can store up to 32 gigabytes of memory good enough for your backup needs on a less expensive price plus the portability and ease of use adds more to the reasons why you should use this for your backup and storage requirements.

  1. 4.       External hard drives

This is probably the most effective mode of storage at present. External hard drives come in different storage capacities at a relatively low price but the reliability is far greater compared to the price you paid for it. Some even have built in software that aide in backing up files on a regular basis or even during the night. There’s nothing else that feels really good than waking up having all your critical files updated and backed up to the latest version in a safe and reliable location like an external hard drive.

Backing up data differs in ways but proper steps stay the same in any form of storage. Regularly checking your backup files is important to ensure that it is working and is located in the place where it should be. Develop right backup habits and be assured of an enduring peace of mind and confidence over your critical files.