Whether it’s XP, Vista or Windows 7 that you own, there’s always a set of maintenance tips you should regularly follow in order to preserve your computer’s performance and have a better experience with it as an owner. A computer’s memory normally slows down and starts to deteriorate as time goes by and you use it for a lot of your home, office and social needs. Prevent major computer problems by exerting a little effort in maintaining it. Don’t waste the amount you invested on it and start using your machine to improve your social media presence, your job and your life as well. Be a responsible computer owner and reap the good things that you would get from it.

How to Maintain Your Computer

1. Check the Programs You Install

Before choosing a program to install, be sure that it is compatible to your computer’s system. A 32-bit system will work well withGeneral Computer Maintenance Tips 32-bit compatible programs and the same is true with other versions. Choosing the programs you install will help improve your computer’s performance.

2. Regularly Scan for Malwares, Adware and Viruses

Your computer might have accumulated a lot of data which contains malicious software. A regular scan using your antivirus software will help detect these tiny devils which make your computer slow and remove them from your computer at the instant that it is detected. Regularly updating your antivirus is also a must and will complete this maintenance step.

3. Defragment Your Drive on a Regular Basis

Doing this maintenance task helps your drive perform faster. Once a defragment task is executed, all related files on your drive are grouped into an organized manner thereby eliminating fragmentation. This helps increase your drives performance and makes access to data easier. This maintenance task should also be done regularly.

4. Clean and Fix Errors and Make it a Habit

A slow computer contains errors on its registry or on any other place on your operating system. A free utility on your windows called “File error checking” can be used to search all errors and fix it right away. Windows registry software can also be downloaded free from lots of sources in the internet. All you need to do is to search, install and perform an error checking on a regular basis to maintain your computer.

 5. Organize Your Files Manually

As a computer owner, you should also do your duty of maintaining and organizing your files and putting them in proper places and folders. Organizing your files lessens the risk of any viruses from rapidly infecting a lot of files. It also makes your computer less stressed and save some battery juice.

6. Delete or Uninstall All Unused Programs

Check all the programs running in the background which you can see on the right side of your taskbar and ask yourself if you really need all of those. If you discovered some that you don’t need then disable, uninstall and delete those to save some RAM memory and make your machine perform faster.

This list is just a quick rundown of what you can do as a computer owner. Perform all the maintenance tips mentioned above and enjoy a better computer performance for a longer period of time!