Tools for computer maintenanceComputer maintenance should be an integral part of computer usage. Not only will it ensure that your computer’s life is extended and it performs at its best as long as it is used, but will also give you an improved user experience. Maintenance is not just a one-step procedure. There are a number of tasks that you should carry out in tandem to ensure that the system maintenance is done comprehensively. In this article, we will focus only on software maintenance and the type of tools that will help you in those tasks.

Cleaner Tools

As you use your computer over a period of time, a lot of junk files get accumulated in your computer’s hard drive. Similarly, there are other types of useless files that build up over time and they slow down your computer. There are different types of cleaner tools that will clean those useless files off your hard drive. All you need to do is perform a Google search on ‘Cleaner Tools’ and you get download links to both freeware and paid software. You can choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Uninstalling Application

Almost all applications that you download or buy today come with an uninstaller. But one of the problems with the uninstaller that is available with software is that they are not comprehensive. They leave a few files on your hard disk. When you uninstall only one or two programs, it will not make any difference. But imagine the number of programs that you would have uninstalled over a period of 2-3 years. All these junk files can be avoided if your use a comprehensive uninstaller program. This will remove all traces of the program eliminating the problem of remnant files.

System Information Tools

This group of tools will give you valuable information on how your computer is performing. Using the information that these system information tools give you, you can improve the performance of your computer. For example, if the RAM is deemed slow, you can install a RAM booster to help your computer perform faster.


There are many 3rd party troubleshooting applications that help you in fixing issues on your computer. The application scans the problem and advises you on the course of action that will help you in resolving that problem. In case there is any hardware issue, the troubleshooter will point out the issue and you can take remedial action.

All these tools are a must on any computer and these tools will definitely keep your computer in top shape.