You probably wonder what a defraggler is. If you’re suffering from a slow computer or if your machine has been suffering from a lot of errors and crashes then you probably need a program that can do this.

A defraggler is a program that can organize all the files on your hard drive. Your computer’s main storage becomes filled with files from all the games, programs and documents you store in it. You also get some files from the internet pages and websites you regularly visit which are commonly referred to as junk or temporary files in the form of browsing history and web certificates.

All of these files are stored into your hard drive but some are located far from each other. For instance, some files for an installed program may be located in places too far from each other making the access to it very slow resulting to a slow processing time or the program takes time to open.

What Should You Do?

One thing that you should do is to organize all the files but this job is not done by you manually. This is where a defraggler enters the picture. There are lots of software offered free to download and use which you can have to achieve maximum performance on your computer. You can choose from the list below.

Windows Disk Defragment

Your windows computer has a free utility called “Disk Defragment” which is part of the accessories that comes with the version of windows you installed to your computer. You can use this one for your defragmenting needs.

Piriform Defraggler

This free defraggler was made by Piriform and is a good defragmenting software considering that it’s offered free. This software also gives you an option to defragment a specific folder like a huge library of songs or other types of files. Unlike the windows disk defragment utility, this doesn’t come with your windows computer but don’t worry, you can get it for free from a lot of sources in the net by typing the name on your search engine.

Disk Defrag

Developed by Auslogics, this defragment software can defrag multiple files in one operation. It can also do the process in 38-40 minutes. This is best for those who have a little time waiting for the process to finish because of office tasks. Best of all, it works well for any version of windows and is available free to download too!


This is probably the best one available in the market but of course, anything that works best comes with a price. Diskeeper is available at about $39 and the price you will be paying is worth everything. It can check and fix file errors, put important files on easy-to-access places, it updates automatically, and a lot more! It is also compatible to any file system format and any version of windows that you have. Having this software installed on your computer will surely make it work like new again!