The best possible solution to cleaning a virus in your computer is to format the entire hard drive and reinstall the operating system. But not many people are inclined towards this solution as there is a risk of data loss. Also, if you don’t reinstall your OS properly, your computer will not work the way it should. This article will give you an easy way of reinstalling your OS.

Reinstall Operating SystemBackup Your System

This is the first and the essential step. If you don’t backup your data, you run the risk of losing everything you have on your hard drive. Don’t worry if you have very large hard disks. External hard drives that can hold up to 4 TB of data are available in the market today. You can use them instead of the conventional DVDs for backup. You can back up your system using the backup options in your control panel.

Decide the Operating System

Since you are reinstalling your OS, you actually have the option of choosing the OS and version. You can stick with the one you were using or use a totally new one altogether. Whatever you do, make sure you purchase the relevant resources (installation CD) or download it from the web (open-source OS).

Format and Delete All the Hard Drive Partitions

Before installation, you have to format and delete all the different partitions of your hard drive. You can do that by right clicking on a partition and selecting ‘format’ option. This will ensure that your hard drive will be as good as new when you install your new OS.

Insert the Boot Disc and Restart

After you insert the boot disc, restart the system. You will get a prompt that will ask you to boot from disc. Select this option and the installation process will start. Just follow all the steps that the installer shows.

After you initiate the installation, you might have to wait for a period of time depending on which OS you chose to install. Don’t worry as this is normal. Be patient and wait for the process to be completed.

Install Security Software and Update the OS

Most of the times, OS in the DVD you installed from will not have all the latest patches and updates. But before you install the updates, download and install genuine security software. This is critical to ensure that your computer remains free of malicious software infections. After that, you can enable the OS update process. This might also take a while and the system might restart several times during this process. After it is done, you can start saving the backed up files on your computer using your backup resource.