Windows BootingA new computer will be easy to use and you most likely will not face any kind of problem with it. But with time, issues start creeping up. Thankfully, many companies offer excellent customer service and troubleshooting options to help you with these issues. However, it is good to have an idea on how you can troubleshoot simple issues by yourself. It will not only save you a lot of time and money but will also enable you to refrain from actions that cause these simple problems. This article will introduce you to a few steps that will help you in fixing Windows boot issues.

The first thing you must understand is that there is no way you can exactly determine what is causing the Windows boot error. The best approach here is to make a list of the most likely reasons and try the old trial and error method. With some luck, you can diagnose the issue as quickly as possible.

Safe Mode

The first and the best step to Windows boot problem, is trying to load the operating system in safe mode. It is a mode that is deemed safest to operate Windows in. Just hit the F8 key while Windows is loading. Select the option that says ‘Safe Mode with Networking’. If there are issues like junk applications, spyware, corrupted boot files etc. that are hindering Windows to load normally, you can resolve them in safe mode using freeware tools.

Startup Repair Tools

If safe mode doesn’t work or you face issues while loading it, you can follow this step. Windows has a set of tools that are built into the operating system for fixing boot issues. The tool set is called as Startup Repair Tools. You can access them when you start your system using the ‘Advanced’ tab in the safe mode menu. This tool runs automatically and recognizes and fixes issues with Windows booting procedure.

Windows Repair

If this tool set does not work, you can use the Windows installation disc that your manufacturer has provided and select the repair option. Most Windows installation discs are auto=bootable. That is, it will load by itself when you insert and restart the system. Sometimes, Windows files get corrupted, mostly due to malicious software. Windows repair will fix those issues too. One of the advantages of using Windows repair is that all your files on the hard disk remain intact and you don’t lose any data. Only in some extreme cases, there can be small amounts of data lost, especially the data that was stored on the partition of your hard drive in which the operating system was present.