The talk of the town at the moment is Microsoft’s latest offering, the Windows 8 operating system. This was one of Microsoft’s most ambitious projects and by now, we have this tested on hardware that is custom made for the software. So, this evaluation is something of a final verdict on the OS and what you can expect from it in spite of future patches and updates.

User Interface

Without doubt, Microsoft has scored a lot of points with its new intuitive user interface. We did hear some complaints from users that it was not user friendly, but frankly, it was only a matter of getting used to the new features. The bold design and the very attractive home screen is something that Windows design team should be very proud of. Home screen is also customizable and as you figure out how to use it, you will understand the logic behind specific shortcuts and icons that feel out of place during your first use. Also, there is no start button on Windows 8, something that most users have to get used to with time.

Don’t Forget the Cloud

If you have used Windows 8 already, you would be aware of the fact that you have to sign in with or create a new Microsoft account. This account is used for logging into SkyDrive, Microsoft’s latest cloud based offering especially for Windows 8 users. Without prompting, all the data you create and edit with Office 2013 is backed up on SkyDrive if you are connected to the internet.


Security is a very big part of Windows 8 and according to reliable sources; Microsoft did spend a considerable amount of time and resources on making Windows 8 as safe as possible. The latest version of Windows Defender received thumbs up from leading security experts. Also, along with the usual password protection for locking your computer, you also have a picture password feature. There is also a help program that guides you through the process of configuring this feature and enabling it.

The Overall Impression

There is no doubt that Windows 8 is here to stay and Microsoft will continue to dominate the operating system domain. There are a few cracks here and there but with the updates, these surely will be resolved. You need some time to get acclimatized and get to know all the features before you use it to your advantage. Overall, the Windows 8 OS is an excellent offering from Microsoft.