Reasons and Tips to Keep Computer CleanAs important as it is to ensure that your computer software is up to date and the antivirus programs are working efficiently, you should ensure that your computer is physically clean too. Some people are so careless that they let a lot of dust settle on the computer. Some even use the CPU as a table! To ensure that you find the right balance in this activity, here are some of the reasons why and you should keep your computer clean and some tips to achieve that.

Why Is There a Lot of Dust Accumulated Inside and Around the Computer?

There are thousands of components inside the computer, most of which run on electricity. When electricity passes through a device, a phenomenon known as static is produced around it. Without going into too many complicated details, the bottom line here is that static attracts dust. When dust accumulates on components, it acts as a layer of insulation. Thus, the components on which dust accumulates overheat and their performance dips. As a result, your computer slows down considerably.

Tips to Keep In Mind Before You Begin the Cleaning Procedure

Make sure that the computer is unplugged and if possible, separate all the constituents of the system like the monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, etc. Once done, make sure that you clean these devices with a clean, soft and dry piece of cloth. If you are allergic to dust, you might want to use a mask while cleaning. You can use a solvent sparingly to clean the screen of your monitor.

Cleaning Inside the CPU

You can easily unscrew and remove the side panel of the CPU. If not, you can look for directions online, on how to do that. Once you open the CPU, make sure that you take a lot of care while cleaning the inside part. This is where a lot of dust would have accumulated and you cannot afford to ignore that.

If you are using a cloth, be very gentle while dusting the insides of the CPU. Even if a single wire gets disconnected and you insert it back in the wrong slot (which are many), the whole circuit might burn. Your best bet here is to use compressed air. Do not use any solvents inside the CPU for cleaning. Once done, put back the panel the way you removed it and connect all the components before switching the computer back on.