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Your hard disk and the files stored in it can become defragmented as you use your computer for installing some games, programs and saving some files to it. Games and programs are all installed and written on your hard disk as executable, readable files and most of the time, these files are stored in separate locations which creates fragmentation.

What Really Happens When Defragging is not done?

Fragmentation on your disk is a common scenario where files are scattered. This causes your computer to slow down due to difficulty in looking for files related to each other. Everytime you install a program, your computer just stores the files on any available space the hard drive has creating a fragmented drive and resulting to a slow computer. For instance, when a program is run and the files needed for it to function is scattered, the program will take long to load or even exhibit some memory errors, crashes or your program will not be opened.

What Can You Do?

Defragmenting your hard drive or what is commonly known as “Defragging” will organize all related files for each programs installed on your computer. It also frees some disk space which will then make your computer faster than it used to be before you learned defragging your hard drive.

Benefits of Defragmenting Your Hard Drive

1.    Defragmenting it Increases Your Disk Space

A fragmented hard drive contains some blank memory packets in between files which increases the used space. Executing the Disk Defragmenter utility on your windows machine will help use these free spaces as it organizes all related files. Checking your disk properties before and after doing a defrag will help you realize this point.

2.    Defragmenting Prolongs Your Disk’s Life

A hard disk takes a long time reading and looking for related files once these files are scattered all over it. It also consumes a lot of resources which can shorten the disk’s life. Doing disk defragment regularly will help lessen the processing time and will minimize the stress on your disk which in return helps prolong its life.


3.    Defragmenting Helps Save Some Battery Juice

As mentioned in the items above, defragmenting your drive organizes files on your disk which lessens processing time. A computer uses up more battery juice when it is processing something and when the process takes longer; your battery may drain faster. Organized files will help lessen this scenario and prolong battery life.

4.    Defragging Helps Speed Up Your Computer

Related files organized together will help access to it easier. A computer which is not defragmented regularly will typically slow down and will suffer a lot of errors in running some programs. Defragmenting your disk will surely speed up computer speed and will eliminate crashes, errors and hangs.


Though most computer experts say that operating systems at present are smart enough to need any disk defrag, it is recommended that computer users defragment their drives regularly especially if they are suffering from errors, crashes and a slow computer.

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You probably wonder what a defraggler is. If you’re suffering from a slow computer or if your machine has been suffering from a lot of errors and crashes then you probably need a program that can do this.

A defraggler is a program that can organize all the files on your hard drive. Your computer’s main storage becomes filled with files from all the games, programs and documents you store in it. You also get some files from the internet pages and websites you regularly visit which are commonly referred to as junk or temporary files in the form of browsing history and web certificates.

All of these files are stored into your hard drive but some are located far from each other. For instance, some files for an installed program may be located in places too far from each other making the access to it very slow resulting to a slow processing time or the program takes time to open.

What Should You Do?

One thing that you should do is to organize all the files but this job is not done by you manually. This is where a defraggler enters the picture. There are lots of software offered free to download and use which you can have to achieve maximum performance on your computer. You can choose from the list below.

Windows Disk Defragment

Your windows computer has a free utility called “Disk Defragment” which is part of the accessories that comes with the version of windows you installed to your computer. You can use this one for your defragmenting needs.

Piriform Defraggler

This free defraggler was made by Piriform and is a good defragmenting software considering that it’s offered free. This software also gives you an option to defragment a specific folder like a huge library of songs or other types of files. Unlike the windows disk defragment utility, this doesn’t come with your windows computer but don’t worry, you can get it for free from a lot of sources in the net by typing the name on your search engine.

Disk Defrag

Developed by Auslogics, this defragment software can defrag multiple files in one operation. It can also do the process in 38-40 minutes. This is best for those who have a little time waiting for the process to finish because of office tasks. Best of all, it works well for any version of windows and is available free to download too!


This is probably the best one available in the market but of course, anything that works best comes with a price. Diskeeper is available at about $39 and the price you will be paying is worth everything. It can check and fix file errors, put important files on easy-to-access places, it updates automatically, and a lot more! It is also compatible to any file system format and any version of windows that you have. Having this software installed on your computer will surely make it work like new again!

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Your computer, no matter what type or brand it is can never be immune to errors both on its installed software and on the system asHow to Defragment your PC well. Your operating system and your hard disk stores all the files needed for your computer to work and execute the commands you want it to do.

A computer normally slows down in time as you use it on a number of tasks. It also stores all the files from the programs and games you install. On the process your drive becomes fragmented with files stored in separate memory packets. Most related files are stored far from each other which cause your computer to slow down thereby creating a lot of errors which leads to major problems.

Prevent these things from happening by learning to use a free windows utility called “Disk Defragment”. There are also additional cleanup utilities available on your windows computer like “file error checking” which can be used to fix errors and make your computer perform faster.

Steps in Doing a Disk Defragment

1.    Just Click “Start” then go to “All Programs”, choose “Accessories” find “System Tools” then look for “Disk Defragmenter.”

2.    Look for the drive that needs to be defragmented. It is usually labeled (C:) on most computers because this is where the operating system is installed.

3.    Hit the “Defragment or defragment disk” tab to start the process.

4.    The defragmenting process can take as long as 15- 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of files and the content that needs to be organized.


What Does It Do?

The defragmentation process organizes all related files together according to how you use them. This helps free up some space and makes access to files faster. Doing a regular disk defragment not only organizes everything, it also fixes some errors and restores or deletes corrupted files thereby making your computer perform even faster.

How Long Would It Take?

The time it takes to defragment your drive depends on the size of files that has to be moved, organized and placed in one location on your hard drive. Freeing up some disk space also makes the process longer so if you have a large amount of files on your disk then you should expect the process to take longer maybe an hour or so. Regularly performing a disk defrag also helps shorten the duration since files to be organized becomes lesser and lesser in number when you do it regularly.

Warnings and Tips

A disk defragment process is recommended only for Hard Disk Drives since this type of drive doesn’t automatically organize files written to it. SSD’s or Solid State Drives doesn’t need to be defragmented because these disks are capable of organizing things written to it just like your USB. Windows 7 will also automatically disable or will not allow the disk defragment utility even if you execute it; doing so will only cause problems. Remember to check what type of disk you have before doing a disk defrag on it.

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