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Your hard disk and the files stored in it can become defragmented as you use your computer for installing some games, programs and saving some files to it. Games and programs are all installed and written on your hard disk as executable, readable files and most of the time, these files are stored in separate locations which creates fragmentation.

What Really Happens When Defragging is not done?

Fragmentation on your disk is a common scenario where files are scattered. This causes your computer to slow down due to difficulty in looking for files related to each other. Everytime you install a program, your computer just stores the files on any available space the hard drive has creating a fragmented drive and resulting to a slow computer. For instance, when a program is run and the files needed for it to function is scattered, the program will take long to load or even exhibit some memory errors, crashes or your program will not be opened.

What Can You Do?

Defragmenting your hard drive or what is commonly known as “Defragging” will organize all related files for each programs installed on your computer. It also frees some disk space which will then make your computer faster than it used to be before you learned defragging your hard drive.

Benefits of Defragmenting Your Hard Drive

1.    Defragmenting it Increases Your Disk Space

A fragmented hard drive contains some blank memory packets in between files which increases the used space. Executing the Disk Defragmenter utility on your windows machine will help use these free spaces as it organizes all related files. Checking your disk properties before and after doing a defrag will help you realize this point.

2.    Defragmenting Prolongs Your Disk’s Life

A hard disk takes a long time reading and looking for related files once these files are scattered all over it. It also consumes a lot of resources which can shorten the disk’s life. Doing disk defragment regularly will help lessen the processing time and will minimize the stress on your disk which in return helps prolong its life.


3.    Defragmenting Helps Save Some Battery Juice

As mentioned in the items above, defragmenting your drive organizes files on your disk which lessens processing time. A computer uses up more battery juice when it is processing something and when the process takes longer; your battery may drain faster. Organized files will help lessen this scenario and prolong battery life.

4.    Defragging Helps Speed Up Your Computer

Related files organized together will help access to it easier. A computer which is not defragmented regularly will typically slow down and will suffer a lot of errors in running some programs. Defragmenting your disk will surely speed up computer speed and will eliminate crashes, errors and hangs.


Though most computer experts say that operating systems at present are smart enough to need any disk defrag, it is recommended that computer users defragment their drives regularly especially if they are suffering from errors, crashes and a slow computer.

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Your computer contains some files stored in one device known as a “Hard Drive”. These files stay there until you decide to delete it for good. Your hard drive can store files in a varied size and limitations. Hard drives in the past 2 years had a memory capacity of 100, 150, 200 260GB’s but the latest trend at present already reached up to 600Gigabyte-1Terabyte. Imagine carrying such a massive memory capacity on your computer. It’s about double the memory an average computer owner has on his machine. As memory capacity increases, the price also jacks up higher.

Whether you are selling your computer or just suffering from a slow computer, cleaning your hard drive is important. Find out why by reading through the items below.

Benefits of Cleaning up your Hard Drive

Cleaning it Speeds up Your Computer

The files in your hard drive, as you use it every day becomes mixed up and fragmented. Related files become separated from each other and stored in other parts of the drive making the access to these files quite hard causing your computer to behave slower. Cleaning up your drive using “file error checking” and defragment utilities helps organize related files and speed up access to files and the overall performance of your computer as well.

Cleaning Your Hard Drive Prevents Viruses

When a disk cleanup is executed regularly, your computer becomes more protected from errors caused by viruses, adware and malwares since most of the errors created by these devils are fixed right away and the viruses are deleted instantly.

Regularly Cleaning it Prevents Major Damages

A clean hard drive is a great advantage to anyone who owns a computer. Not only it helps speed up your virtual office functions, it also assures you that your computer is working normally and spares you from major software problems leading to major problems like replacement of your RAM or your hard drive. Cleaning your hard drive regularly is really a must in maintaining its good state.

Cleaning Your Drive Prevents Crashes, Errors and Booting Up Problems

Crashes, internal memory and boot up errors are all caused by a poorly maintained drive. Errors and corrupted files on your registry also cause problems which develop into more serious ones if not addressed right away. Cleaning up your drive helps prevent these things from happening.

Cleaning it up Before Selling Your Computer Prevents Unauthorized Access To Files

If you already decided to trade your computer then it’s always advised that you reformat and delete everything first but of course, backing up everything is also needed to preserve your important files for it to be transferred to the new computer you will be having as a replacement. Doing this prevents other people from accessing any of your private files illegally whether it is intentional or not.

The hard drive in your computer serves as the storage of everything. Taking good care and maintaining it regularly assures a safe, better and faster computer that will surely serve all your virtual needs.

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Already decided to trade your laptop? Don’t rush things and learn what you should do first before even bringing it to the buyer. Your machine should be cleaned first. Cleaning it involves deleting every bit of information in its hard drive and starting it fresh again by reinstalling all needed components like your operating system. Avoid having your files accessed by anyone. Learn how you can clean your computer before handing it over to the new owner.


How to Clean your Hard DriveHow To Do It

This process is done simply by going to the place called data management. After finding this location you will then have to choose your primary disk which is usually labeled as (C:). You will then have to select the options or properties of your drive and choose format hard drive. Formatting a hard drive means erasing all the contents that was on it before. All the programs, files, documents, pictures and your operating system will be deleted after the process. Once the process is done, your machine will only show a black screen displaying few commands. This is the time that you will have to reinstall your operating system using an installation keys with valid licensing keys. The rest of the programs you want can be installed after the operating system installation. After the process, your drive is restored to a clean state.

What Are the Benefits?

Speaking of the benefits, cleaning your hard drive will prevent any instance of any personal information from going to unauthorized hands especially if you are planning to sell your computer. If an adware, spyware or a virus has found its way to your machine then cleaning it will remove those malicious programs and speed up your computer’s performance.

How Long Will it Take?

A 100 or 150GB hard drive usually completes the formatting process in 30-40 minutes and reinstalling your operating system would take at least an hour. If you are formatting a bigger one like 250-320GB hard drive containing lots of files then the process may take an hour or more but the reinstatement of the operating system should take the same time which is an hour.

Some Warning

Make sure that you have everything you need for reinstallation before cleaning your disk. Installation CD’s for your operating systemExternal Hard Drive Cleaning and as well as some other needed programs should be ready and some important files should have been backed up before doing the cleaning process. If you are using a Linux OS then you have to make an installation disk first before formatting you drive. Reusable product and licensing keys are essential things that need to be prepared before doing a disk clean up.


 How About External Hard Drives?

Cleaning an external hard drive is different. You don’t have to worry about backing up some files or a new OS. Just back up all your files to your primary drive then choose the external hard drive on the drives menu, choose options or properties then choose format hard drive. All your files will be deleted after the process then your external hard drive will again be “clean” just like when it was new.


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