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The best possible solution to cleaning a virus in your computer is to format the entire hard drive and reinstall the operating system. But not many people are inclined towards this solution as there is a risk of data loss. Also, if you don’t reinstall your OS properly, your computer will not work the way it should. This article will give you an easy way of reinstalling your OS. Continue reading “A Guide to Reinstall Your Operating System | Reinstall Operative System” »

One of the most common computer complaints is that ‘my computer has crashed’. Everyone knows what a crash is. The operating system just freezes and sometimes, you end up with a blank screen or a blue screen. The bottom line is that the computer stops working and you cannot do anything about it, how many ever times you try to restart it or reset it. The general consensus is that computer crashes occur because of a software glitch, which is partly true. But there are several steps that you can undertake to ensure that you prevent a computer crash as far as possible. Continue reading “Top Tips to Prevent a Computer Crash” »

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The talk of the town at the moment is Microsoft’s latest offering, the Windows 8 operating system. This was one of Microsoft’s most ambitious projects and by now, we have this tested on hardware that is custom made for the software. So, this evaluation is something of a final verdict on the OS and what you can expect from it in spite of future patches and updates. Continue reading “The Impressive Windows 8 – Microsoft’s Latest Offering” »

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