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Computer Viruses are unwanted self-replicating program that infects your computer without you knowing it. There are thousands of viruses luring around the internet at present which may enter your computer anytime it finds an opportunity. Anything that is unwanted should be removed, quarantined and deleted from your machine’s memory.

Viruses are not only unwanted, they are also harmful and destructive. How will you remove one that is already on your computer’s hard drive? A thorough knowledge on the “how to’s” can save you a lot of money in repairs!

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Computer viruses are found anywhere in the computing and internet space. From USB’s to emails, free software and the like. It is almost impossible to distinguish these tiny, self-replicating executable programs. The only way to know it is when your machine is already infected and starting to slow down. Although virus protection software are available, the free version you might be using is incapable of detecting the more advanced viruses.

How Computer Viruses Work

We found this video that explains how viruses work. The video is a bit outdated, but the concepts remain relevant. Current viruses, though, use social engineering to infect machines. You should never click on an email link or a pop up ad. Instead, type the web address by hand in your internet browser to make sure you are not being redirected to an infected website.

Ways to Remove Computer Viruses.

Remove Worst Computer Viruses using Windows Restore

Windows operating systems like XP, Vista and Windows 7 are designed to have a System restore tool which is very useful once your computer becomes infected by a virus at one point. This tool works by restoring an earlier image of your operating system. This is done by turning on your machine and booting on the system restore option. Your system will be automatically restored to the state before it was infected by the virus. Once the restore process is done make sure to perform a wide scan on your memory and remove all detected viruses.

 Registry repair virus removal

There are also instances that a virus attacks your computer’s registry making your computer slow and hang most of the time. A simple way to remove the virus that causes this is by downloading free registry repair software or just letting windows do the process. After the registry repair, do the wide scan and remove all detected viruses.

 Removing a virus using your antivirus software

Remove Computer Viruses Antivirus software can also most recent computer viruses from your computer. This is done by simply doing a full scan on your machine’s memory. Once the scan is done, the software will automatically move the malicious files into a virus vault. If you are using a professional version, you can choose to delete the viruses detected and solve the problem right away although viruses which has infected the computer before the antivirus software was installed can, either infect the software or will not be detected by the software itself.


 If you really want to clean up your system then reinstalling your operating system is a very effective way. This is done by totally reformatting your computer’s hard drive which means that all of the files saved and those which has been infected will be totally removed from your computer, that is why a system restore and a back-up folder is recommended to be saved on another partition. Once your drive has been reformatted, you can insert your software installation CD on your built-in or portable DVD drive and boot up your computer using the CD by pressing F10. The re-installation process will start automatically and all the viruses will be removed.

If you cannot fix it yourself

In some cases, the sole idea of trying to fix a virus yourself may scare you. We can help you with virus removal and many other services either by phone and remote support, at your home or place of business or in our locations in Gaithersburg, MD or Vienna, VA.

We are happy to answer any questions about Computer Viruses or help you Repair a Computer Worm Infection. Please give us a call, we are standing by to help.

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A computer, just like any investment you have needs to be protected. Computers are prone to a lot of security, hardware and software problems that can worsen if not solved right away. One common problem that a computer may suffer as you use it over time is a “crash”. Preventing this problem from happening proves to be a better step than solving or fixing the effects left after it occurs.

What Happens During a Crash?

Your computer contains a lot of information in the form of bits of data stored in your hard drive. Over time, these sets of data become mixed up and as you add more content to your computer like songs, pictures and other files important to you and the more games you install, the slower your computer becomes and the more likely it can crash at some point in time. A crash may occur when you run a lot of programs at the same time. It can also occur if you are fond of installing illegal software to your computer like those patch and crack versions offered in some sites. Internal memory crashes can also be caused by viruses, malware and adware that comes in contact with any file especially the executable ones.

Using an Antivirus Prevents Crashes

Your antivirus software can prevent crashes especially those that are caused by malware, adware or any other viruses that are luring around the cyberspace you usually surf and engage into. Antivirus software contains useful components that protect your system from any harm. Virus protection software protects you from crashes silently but effectively in the following ways:

  1. 1.       Scanning and moving harmful threats into a quarantine section

Virus protection software automatically moves a potential threat to a special quarantine folder where it is confined away from other files on your system. This prevents further infection on other files which commonly causes crashes.

  1. 2.       Automatic detection of any harmful software component

Most virus protection software is also able of automatically detecting any malicious component on crack and patch versions of software you are installing which renders the software useless so as to prevent other files from being corrupted and other system components from crashing.

  1. 3.       Malware and spyware protection

Almost all antivirus software at present has a malware and spyware protection component which shields your system against malicious software whenever you are connected to the internet. Most of these malicious programs are harmful especially when it gains access to some files on your RAM. Having one of this can cause a slow computer, frequent crashes and data loss.


Other Ways of Preventing Crashes

Limiting downloads to those that you only use and deleting unused files also works effectively in preventing crashes. Unused programs should also be uninstalled in order to free up some system resource (RAM) and hard disk space as well. Avoid storing too much data and running a lot of programs altogether. Windows also has free utilities like disk defragment and disk cleanup which can help organize files and cleanup the junks. Preventing your computer from crashing is just a matter of knowing your system capacity, protecting it with antivirus program and regularly cleaning it. Do these regularly and enjoy a crash-free machine!

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