The VirusViruses and malicious software are big threats that computer users have to deal with on a regular basis. With so many different types of virus protection software available from different reputable vendors, you might think that you are off the hook when it comes to protecting your computer against threats. But that is not the case. Antivirus software can only do so much for your computer. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind to protect your computer against malicious software.

Using Files without Virus Scan

Antivirus programs prompt you to scan files before you actually use them or open the folder containing the files. Make sure you do this every time. Malicious software can be anywhere from harmless files to new folders. So, scan any new file that goes on your computer. This will ensure that you do not put malicious software on your computer unknowingly.

Booting from Anonymous Boot Disc

Anonymous boot discs are one of the hackers’ more favorite tools to spread malicious software. There have been cases of hackers handing out what they supposedly called old OS discs, which really are disc containing malicious software. As soon as you load the CD and boot from the disc, malicious software will get installed on your computer. You cannot gauge the extent of damage that it can cause to your computer.

Updating Antivirus Software Regularly

One of the things that hackers are well known for is evolving. Without actually changing the foundation of hacking, they come up with different types of attack vectors. This is why antivirus software vendors release regular updates that are available through the internet. Most antivirus programs have an automatic update feature that downloads and installs the updates. Make sure this feature is activated on your computer.

Exercise Caution while Downloading Files From the Internet

Internet is filled with malicious software and you never know whether the file you are downloading is a safe file or not. Files on reputable sites are pre-scanned for viruses and other malicious software. But when it comes to other sites, you cannot trust the files to be safe. So, be very careful while you are downloading files from unknown sites.

Use Common Sense

If you see a link that says ‘click here’, don’t just click on it. Most likely, it will be a link to malicious software. The bottom line here is that use common sense while you are on the internet. This will help you in preventing viruses more often than not.