Computer Hard DiskContrary to popular belief, it is very important to maintain the hard disk drive of your computer. The hard drive is the unit where all the data on your computer including the operating system is stored. If a computer is compared to a human body, the CPU is the brain and the hard disk is the heart. Most people take their hard disk maintenance for granted and end up with computers that do not perform according to the standards. Here are a few tips that will help you in keeping the heart of computer, the hard disk, in top shape.

Keeping Your Hard Disk Clean

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your hard disks clean. With the size of hard disks increasing rapidly, people are ignoring the space that is being occupied by temporary files, junk files and other useless data on the hard disk. When you have only 80GB of space, you want to make every byte count. But if there is 1TB of space, you tend to take the bytes a little lightly. There are a number of free tools on the internet that clean your hard disk of these useless files. You can use anyone of them.

Keeping Your Hard Disk Organized

When memory locations are assigned to files, they are done in a random manner. If your hard disk is organized, the number of scans that are required to find a file will be lesser and the life of the hard disk also increases. There is a tool called as the defragmentation tool that allows you to bring some order into the files stored on your hard disk. If you don’t want to use the inbuilt tool on your OS, you can download some freeware which are also equally efficient at defragmenting your hard disk.

Optimizing System Startup

System startup is the time during which the hard disk will be under maximum pressure. It will not only be loading your operating system files but also the programs that you have installed. Most programs have the option where they are started at the system startup time itself. This is not recommended as there is an excess load on the hard disk. Optimize the system startup and choose to load only the programs that are essential. These include the virus protection software, the system programs and a few other essentials. Other than these programs, uncheck all the other programs to be enabled while the system is starting.