Don't Treat Laptops Like DesktopsOne of the mistakes people do is treat laptops like desktops. This mistake will lead to reduced lifespan of the laptop and constant problems while using it. There are a few tips that you must keep in mind while taking care of your laptop. These steps are easy to follow and can be used for maintenance of your laptop right at your home.

Dust is your Laptop’s Worst Enemy

Dust is one of the biggest enemies of your laptop. Since the laptop runs with the help of electricity, there will be a field of static generated around it. This attracts dust and the dust gets accumulated on your laptop. Dust enters your laptop through the cooling vents and will form a layer on the components. This will damage the components prematurely. Also, the cooling vents get jammed due to dust most of the times. This will prevent proper cooling of components and result in damage of components due to overheating. To avoid these problems, rid your computer of dust as often as possible. Also, get the dust inside cleaned by a professional regularly.

Don’t Use Normal Cleaning Solvents

Don’t use the normal cleaning agents, which are used for household cleaning purposes, to clean your laptop. These are too strong and will damage your expensive gadgets. Make sure that you only use the specific laptop cleaning solvents or screen cleaners that you get in accessories shops. They will ensure that your laptop surfaces remain moisture free. Also, other types of dirt like grease, dust, grime, etc. will be effectively cleaned off your laptop’s surface with these special solvents.

Ensure That the Laptop Remains Cool

Since there are a lot of components packed into a very small space in laptops, a lot of heat is generated. If you don’t allow the heat to escape out of the cooling vents, you risk the internal components getting damaged due to overheating. Make sure that you do not block any of the vents of your laptop. Also, don’t place your laptops on surfaces like beds and car seats. Place it on a hard even surface while using it.

Some General Maintenance Tips

Never leave your laptop in a car. Cars get overheated during noon times and this heat will damage the sensitive components in your laptop. Also, never overcharge your laptop’s batteries. If the indicator shows battery full, unplug the charger and then use the laptop.